Peru is known for its delicious and unique cuisine, but it’s not just the food that’s worth trying. When it comes to drinks, Peru has some fantastic options, but if you are wondering what to drink in Peru? There is two famous cocktails: the Machu Picchu Cocktail and the Pisco Sour. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these two iconic Peruvian cocktails and provide some background on Pisco, the national spirit of Peru.


What to Drink in Peru: Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is perhaps the most famous Peruvian cocktail and is made with Pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white. It’s shaken with ice and strained into a glass, and garnished with a few drops of bitters. The egg white gives the cocktail a frothy texture, while the lime juice and simple syrup balance out the sweetness and sourness.

The Pisco Sour has a long history in Peru and is considered a national drink. Look at this refreshing glass that we posted on Instagram. Tasty, isn’t it?

Pisco: The National Alcohol of Peru

Pisco is a type of brandy that is made from grapes and is the national spirit of Peru. It’s produced in several regions of the country, including Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua, and Tacna. 

Pisco can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base spirit in cocktails like the Pisco Sour and the Machu Picchu Cocktail. It’s known for its smooth and fruity flavor, which comes from the grapes used in the production process. Some of our Bucketlist: Legend of Ecuador and Peru tour welcome dinners include a Pisco toast.

What kind of alcohol is Pisco?

Pisco is a type of grape brandy that is produced in Peru. It’s made from a specific type of grape called Quebranta, which is grown in Peru, or from a blend of Quebranta and other grape varieties. Pisco is unique because it’s distilled to proof, which means that no water is added to the alcohol after distillation.

Machu Picchu: Another famous Peruvian Cocktail

If you’re looking for a refreshing and unique cocktail, the Machu Picchu Cocktail is an excellent choice. Named after the famous Incan ruins in Peru, this cocktail is made with Pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, and bitters. It’s often garnished with a slice of lime or a sprig of mint and served over ice in a highball or rocks glass.

The Machu Picchu Cocktail is a perfect combination of sweet and sour flavors, making it an excellent choice for a warm summer day. It’s also easy to make at home, so you can bring a taste of Peru to your own backyard.

Peru has some fantastic drinks to offer, from the sweet and sour Machu Picchu Cocktail, The Chilcano, or the frothy and famous Pisco Sour.  Whether you’re visiting Peru or simply looking to bring a taste of this vibrant country to your home, be sure to try these iconic Peruvian drinks.

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